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ASR Motor Body Engineering

Many and varied projects through our workshop.....


From Vintage to Prototype, Specialist Panel Beaters and Body Engineers. 


ASR Motor Body Engineering

Another car leaves the workshop


Jacking Tube reinforcement late V8

ASR Motor Body Engineering

Also recently added to our growing list of V8 parts.


Stiffener-Rear Wheel Arch

ASR Motor Body Engineering

Another part for DBS and V8


DB door hinges

ASR Motor Body Engineering

We can now supply new hinges for DB doors, comes complete with pin and phospher bronze bushes


Aston Martin V8

We have a V8 we did some work on for the customer - Andy Stephen.  We sharpened up some lines, sorted out the fit of bumpers and some other repairs for him.  The main feature was filling in the sunroof.
We also had to make some rails to go in the roof and then a new headlining panel for inside of the roof.

A pleasure to tidy up the lines and fill in the sunroof.

Oscar India Bonnet

We made a new Oscar India Bonnet skin, delaminated the original bonnet from the frame and reused the original bonnet frame. 

Aston Martin DB4 Series V 'Festalozzi'

This DB4 Vantage 'Festalozzi' is named after its original purchaser, Professor Festalozzi, who had the car delivered new by the Swiss Aston Martin agent,



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