Aston Martin DBS Four Headlamp Cars

ASR Motor Body Engineering



DBS Front End Steelwork
Repair Panel- Front Lower Windscreen Corner RH/LH (P62-9652/3)
Angled rail - front extension (19-9436/7)
DBS Headlamp Panels (19-9032/3)
Servo Mounting Plate (19-9415)
Side Panel Bumper Support with 2 Diamond Breaks (19-9194/5)
Upper Nose Panel Outer (19-9166/7)
Bonnet Landing Panel Front (61-9384)
Upper Nose Panel Centre (19-9129 / 19-9144)
Lower Nose Panel Centre (19-9132)
Diamond Brakes/Reinforcings (19-9194/5)
Bonnet Landing Side (61-9374/5)
Main Outer Reinforcing Repair Panel- Door (C65-9510/1)
Stiffener - base of inner frt screen pillar (61-9440/1)
Inner Wheel Arch Panels (095-061-0015/6)
Early Inner Wheel Arch
Duct Front Inner Wing (61-9154/5)
Panel Engine Compartment Side (61-9013)
Engine Mounting Panel and Blocks (A19 9161&A19-9203)
Outer Sills (069-021-0050/1)
Inner Sills 2 Parts RH/LH (21-9206/7)
Jacking Point Tubes and Plates Front and Rear
Outriggers (069-021-0117/8)
Front Side Members (069-021-0011/12)
Main Chassis Rail 54in (20-9111)
Bracket Grille Mounting Outer Upper R/LH (A19-9442)
Front Floors (21-9112/3)
Footwell Closing Plate (39-9128)
Gusset Side Panel - Sill (A20-9377)
Centre Floor Panel Inspection Cover (A21-9026)
Pedal Platform RHD (39-9122)
Closing Panel/ Footwell Gusset (20-9332/3)
Reinforcing Channel- Side Panel Bulkhead R/LH (20-9330/1)
Bracket Rear Wing Lower Attach (22-9023)
Rear Seat Pan R/LH (22-9186/7)
Rear Floors (069-021-0161/2)
'B' Post Repair Panels Front and Rear (61-9172/3 / 61-9104/5) *Made to your measurements
B Post Front, Rear and Reinforcing (61-9358/9 / 61-9102/3 61-9357)
Hinge Box, Cage & Block- available separately (61-9156)
Assembly Brace- Inner Rear Wheel Arch R/LH (22-9528/9) Late DBS
Battery Tray (A22-9149)
Rear Parcel Shelf (61-9452)
Rear Bulkhead Panel (A22-9457)
A Post Panel (C20-9506/7)
Rear Axle Cover Panel (A22-9454)
Front Wing Repair Panels (62-9170)
Battery tray Rod (A22-9168)
Rear Wing Repair Panels (62-9164)
Door Skins (069-065-0165/6)
Mesh Panel (069-088-063)
Stiffener-Rear Wheel Arch (A22-9076)
Mounting Bracket - silencer (22-9140)
Assembly Brace- Inner Rear Wheel Arch R/LH 22-9526/7 Early DBS
Boot Panel - Rear (22-9165)
Boot Front (22-9115)
Door Lock Panel (65-9516/7) Including Reinforcing Panel (65-9513) Lock Shown for Reference Only
Boot Sides (22-9116/7)
Complete Boot Panel (22-9114)
Lower Radius Arm Mounting (069-022-0022/3)
Upper Rear Radius Arm Mountings (22-9036/7)
Hinge Panel R/LH (65-9534/5)
Top Hat Section/Roof Reinforcing (61-9266)
Fuel Filler Box RH/LH (A61-9620/1)
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