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Stu Higgin AM V8

In short; Shaun and the team at ASR took my pigs ear of a V8 and made a silk purse out of it.
The long; As with most of us car guys I had dream; a rusty old Aston and head full of ideas of how I wanted my car to look. It's a rare thing to find someone with the ability to interpret ones ideas in such a faithful way and then apply their years of knowledge to bring ones dreams to life. Shaun has this most elusive gift, coupled with his and his team's enormous skill to make it happen. I would urge anyone with an interesting car body project to contact Shaun first. After all, if his work is good enough for a pernickety pr*ck like me and the Sultan of Brunei you can rest assured your treasured piece of rolling art will be in the very best of hands.
Stu Higgin

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