Prototype Aston Martin Virage Scallops

ASR Motor Body Engineering

We were asked to create these Scallops as a prototype for a clients Virage

Little known fact: When the Aston Martin Virage was originally designed it featured these decorative and stylish scallops, they were included on the prototype Virage, as seen on the front cover of "Fast Lane" magazine November 1988. However prior to its release and official unveilling at the 1988 Birmingham Motor Show it was decided the scallops should not be included, possibly for fear of there being too many similarities between the Virage and the upcoming Aston Martin Vantage- which was released in 1993, and offered the buyer a higher specification car. Whilst at Aston Martin, Shaun worked in Production Engineering for the Virage, and Virage Volante, and so had knowledge of the scalloped design. With access to the original Buck, we were able to succesfully recreate this stylish design feature.